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Stefan Fassbinder, Mayor of Greifswald, Germany, given the World Mayor Friendship Award

Stefan Fassbinder wins the 2023 World Mayor Friendship Award

February 2024: The London-based City Mayors Foundation has announced the winners of the 2023 World Mayor Prize and Awards. The biennial honours have been awarded since 2004.

The 2023 World Mayor Friendship Award has been given to Stefan Fassbinder, Mayor of Greifswald, Germany, for his and the city’s cooperation with and support of communities in Ukraine, Poland and Brazil. He, together with many of his fellow citizens, has also provided generous assistance to refugees arriving from war-torn Ukraine.


Tann vom Hove, Senior Fellow of the City Mayors Foundation, described Stefan Fassbinder as a mayor who understood the importance of towns and cities working together. At a time of strife in many regions of the world, cities, when cooperating, can facilitate peaceful solutions.


In his essay for the World Mayor Project, Mayor Fassbinder wrote: “Through city-to-city relationships, peace can be promoted. Cultural exchange and dialogue help break down misunderstandings and promote peaceful coexistence. In difficult times, municipalities can often still engage in dialogue when others resort to violence. Greifswald embraces this opportunity and responsibility of cities.”


Tann vom Hove praised Mayor Fassbinder but also the people of Greifswald for their willingness to share expertise and resources with less fortunate communities.


The World Mayor Friendship Award was conceived to promote cooperation between towns and cities in Europe and beyond.


Stefan Fassbinder will be presented with the World Mayor Friendship Plaque.


In addition to the Friendship Award, the City Mayors Foundation has given the 2023 World Mayor Prize, the 2023 Jury Award and the 2023 Partnership Award.


The 2023 World Mayor Prize was awarded to Elke Kahr, Mayor of Graz, Austria for her selfless dedication to her city and its people. For Mayor Kahr politics means serving her fellow citizens with humility. Her decision to share a large part of her salary with people in need has attracted worldwide admiration.


The World Mayor Jury Award was conferred on Manuel De Araújo, Mayor of Quelimane, Mozambique, for his defence of democratic values in his country and his ambitious plans and initiatives to make Quelimane one of the most sustainable cities in Africa.


The World Mayor Community Award was conferred on Tony Keats, Mayor of Dover, Canada, for his dedicated service to the Town of Dover and his fellow citizens since 1996. Tony Keats has also been commended for his willingness to share his knowledge and expertise with other communities in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and even South America.

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