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We invite our readers to debate the challenges faced by Germany in this decade as well as discuss topical developments you may find of interest. You may, of course, also comment on the issues and personalities covered in articles and posts already published by German Brief. We also welcome suggestions on how our coverage of German affairs could be improved and extended.


Praise us. Criticise us. Write for us.

We wish to publish pertinent commentary by German Brief's readers as well as by others with an interest in German affairs. If you wish to join our dialogue, then please post your views, comments or suggestions using the form below. While we endeavour to publish all relevant comments and stories, we reserve the right to edit them and to reject unsuitable contributions.

Please note, German Brief will never allow intolerance, hate or deliberate misinformation to be expressed.

Contributions can be made in English, German or other European languages.

Please write to the German Brief Editor with any questions.

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